Converting Ideas into Reality

👋 Hello! I’m Akash Roy, a Software Developer, specializing in Interactive Application Development.

I am currently looking for full-time opportunities related to SDE and/or Game development roles. I have been prototyping ideas and developing interactive mobile applications since December 2019. I have been also working on my data structures and algorithmic analysis skills for the efficient logic design in projects I take up.

Personal Projects

These are the projects that I worked on in the past few months.

Use of AR in Classroom Education (B.Tech Project-1)

– Prototype app emphasizing virtual classroom setup in AR environment with 6 degrees of freedom in 3D space for the participants.

– Virtual object placement on a detected plane to emulate the lab-like experience for conducting experiments virtually.

Spintop(AR Multiplayer) for Android

– Multiplayer(2 players) AR game inspired by the Beyblade anime series.

– Consists of quick matches with random room selection for players.

– Plane detection is required to place and scale the Battle Arena.

Ground Zero(3D Infinite runner) for Android

– Infinite runner game with military vehicles where the objective is to kill zombies to increase the score.

2D Platformer for Web

– Classic Super Mario Bros clone developed in Unity.

Tic-Tac-Toe (2D Board Game) for Android

– Tic-Tac-Toe built by utilizing UI Elements of Unity editor.

AR FPS for Android

– FPS game set in an AR environment, such that players can interact with virtual game objects created with reference to real-world parameters.

Other Projects

Here you can see some of the other smaller projects on which I have worked on.

An AR concept where user can spawn their pet and interact with them in the AR environment.

Demo of the concept where moving a target image in the real world can be used for moving in-game objects so it can act as an input medium for games and other applications.

This game was one of the many projects I worked on, during my 5-month internship at Fynd (Shopsense Retail Technologies PVT LTD).

A short demo of the concept to perform prayers and preaching through AR.

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